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Who I be

Source material: biomekanic, there you go.
You can also find me at:
Reef central
PNWMAS - Pacific NorthWest Marine Aquarium Society
PNWMAS at The Reef Tank
under the user ID biomekanic.
I used to hang out at Wet Web Media, but it lost its homey feeling, I was known there as P-F. It's a long story.
I had a short incarnation as Namshub, but Namshub didn't last long.

I was born in Maine, and stayed there a year, making me officially, a Maniac.
I was raised in (very) South Central PA, about 15 miles north of the Mason-Dixon line near East Berlin, PA. Not to far from Gettysburg.

I think 'provincial' has a level of sophistication above most of my classmates.

I attended Shippensburg University, going through 4 majors before embarking on an Interdisciplinary Arts degree - I took Magritte paintings and used them as the basis for short stories/novellas. I minored in Anthro, and would have dual majored if possible. My degree set me up pretty well for a graduate program. Someday, I'd like to go back and get an advanced degree. I don't write as much as I should, and I miss editing.
About 7 months after graduating, I moved from York, PA to Denver and discovered that deep at heart, I'm a big city guy. About 9 years later I got transferred to Roseburg, OR. It reminded me far to much of where I grew up, and I jumped at the chance to transfer again, this time to Eugene.
As much as I miss Denver, I know I'll never be able to move back, health reasons prevent it, as well, the city I knew is gone, it's grown far bigger than when I was there and so many of the things that made it special are gone. It's a city eating itself, and it's not pretty.

By day, I do telecommunications engineering (small world, eh Chadu?), by night, I exit poll the Covenant forces, and occassionally give out advice on reef keeping.
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