W.J. Walton (fossilapostle) wrote in sophicks,
W.J. Walton

A Sophick moment

(It just dawned on me that I never actually joined this group, officially...)

I had what I feel is a defining sophick moment today. I'd like to know how many of you would agree.

During Sunday dinner, I like to listen to From the Top on NPR, which is a radio show that features immensely talented young people performing incredible pieces of classical music.

This Sunday was no different as far as the music went, but our meal was something we don't normally have at home - crab legs. My mother-in-law brought them home from work today, so we boiled them up and melted some butter to have us a crab feast.

Because we don't normally have crabs at home, however, we discovered we didn't have any crab crackers. We tried cracking them open barehanded, but it wasn't working. So, I introduced a new eating utensil to the table: a pair of pliers.

They were completely clean, never used before, and I washed them very well before I started shuckin' shells with 'em. But that was definitely the first time in my 38 years I'd ever used pliers for eating.

So, I think the formula here would be (CRABS * PLIERS) + CLASSICAL MUSIC = SOPHICK. Let me know if my math checks out.

- DocAwk
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