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Goldang ol' innernet ah tell you whut...

Hi! This is your founder enzeru typing, over a newly installed dial-up connection--so much for the sophistication implicit in our community name. Anyway, welcome to sophicks! I started this comm. with the notion that there are lots of bright folks living in small rural towns that may only have potential contact with other smart small-town types via the internet--they probably feel especially alienated, as I know I did, because most urban and suburban outsiders write off rural parts as emitting fatal stupid waves and only hazard going there for assorted tourist traps. My co-moderator biomekanic wrote an impassioned post in this vein (reposted as the first entry here) which inspired me to use what little clout I have as a chronic blogger and found this comm. as a refuge for folks like us: well-read, educated, intelligent hicks. There's no elegant way to hybridize the terms "geek" and "hick", so I did the unforgivable and made a pun out of "sophic". I'm surprised karjack hasn't smote me for it.

I am in the process of writing up a rules list, hopefully a short one. Ideally this space will be for sharing and comparing experiences, discussing potential positive social changes and spreading awareness, presenting to the world at large that the simple life doesn't necessarily make one simple-minded. I have never moderated a community before, so I'm open to suggestions for a basic rules layout.

Thanks for joining! I think this could prove to be an interesting cyber-social experiment.
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