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sophicks's Journal

Boondock Brains
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Picture this: you're a bright young person, possibly extremely gifted, possibly a bit more sensitive than others. You get consistently good grades, you like to read and/or you indulge in some heavily intellectual hobby. You probably get picked on for being a geek.

In fact, you might get picked on a lot, moreso than the average geek. And what's worse, a large number of people across the country don't believe you exist.

You, my friend, are a smart hick. And this community is meant for you.

Stand up and be counted. Prove by example that growing up in a small rural town does not doom a person to a life of ignorance.

Okay, some rules. If we're all as smart and advanced as we think we are, we shouldn't need them here. But I can foresee at least a few flare-ups happening over two topics, because they seem to regardless of a community's focus. To wit:

Politics. I, your fabulous founder enzeru, my trusty co-mod biomekanic, and our close personal friends on this comm happen to be liberally-inclined. However, I know from experience that conservatism does not preclude intelligence (our current administration and studies that show a correlation between higher education and increasingly liberal politics notwithstanding). I won't ban someone solely for being more right-wing than the rest of us, if they are genuinely bright and not out to troll--that would just make us smelly old elitists, now wouldn't it? If you're going to debate, try to say something original on a topic rather than parrot party lines, and that goes for all affiliations.

Religion. Ehh... repeat the above, replacing all political terms with religious ones. Yeah, I'm lazy, what's it to ya?

There are thousands of communities specifically designed for spewing bile out there; I'd prefer running a place where the emphasis is on finding common ground, not being Hatfields and McCoys. So let's just follow the wisdom of Bill and Ted, and be excellent to one another.